Prom night is an event that leaves a lot of parents panicking trying to know how to prepare best their daughters or sons for their memorable day. Each parent wants to ensure that the night of their teen is fun and memorable, from securing a safe and reliable transportation to finding the best tux or dress. However, all of the prep work that goes into this event could feel quite daunting.  

Here are several tips for moms and dads to help them prepare the best transportation for their teens: 

  1. Get Contact Details 

The limousine service provider must always give you the contact details and the name of the driver. However, you must not stop there. Be sure you have the contact details for your son/daughter’s prom partner. This includes their parents. You might even want to acquire the contact details for any teachers or chaperones that would be there. Having a simple list of phone numbers and names could help lessen your stress.  

  1. Talk to Your Son/Daughter 

We aren’t advising you sit down with your son/daughter for a lecture. However, it is significant to communicate about prom night’s reality. Discussing about things that could go wrong will take the fun out of prom night. However, it is significant that you express your concerns and thoughts. You should let your son/daughter do the same.  

Be sure you talk about subjects such as peer pressure and underage drinking before prom night. Keep in mind that this isn’t an intimidation game, it is a conversation. 

  1. Send your Teens Off 

You must be there to send them off. You would likely be taking photos. Also, do not go to sleep until you know they have safely arrived at your house. Be sure your son/daughter knows this.  

  1. Know the Driver 

It is vital to know who’s driving, even if you exactly know where your son/daughter is going. You have the upper hand of knowing whose driving and having their contact details if there’s a limousine involved. One huge advantage of hiring a limousine is having a peace of mind knowing that the driver of your daughter or son is completely background-checked, insured, and licensed. You must hire a different service provider if they aren’t.  

  1. Be Available 

It is important that you’re available on prom night and to ensure your son/daughter knows this. It would lessen the stress of your teen, aside from lessening yours. It is reassuring to know that you’re there if they need your help. 

You should let your son/daughter know that you will not say “I told you so” or judge them if they ask for your help. You need them to be safe. 

  1. Get the Itinerary 

Be sure that you have the complete schedule for the prom night. If applicable, you should know where they would be eating before the night, when to expect them home, when the event starts and ends, what stops the car would be making, and know where the venue is held.